Minds before the storm

Lego Mindstorms research began in 1987 and the first version shipped a decade later. However, there were predecessors in 1987, 1990, and 1994. Most of this information isn’t on the official Lego robotics history page.

This site is dedicated to those three generations of Lego robotic kits before Mindstorms. That’s why I chose the name “Minds before the storm”: there were different kinds of Lego robotic "minds" before the "storm" of mainstream popularity in the modern kits.

I gathered a large amount of information already. I intend to post as much as possible about these three kits, their options, how they work, how to interface with them, etc. in the coming weeks and months.

Evan Koblentz, January 2018


1987 - Technic Control Center, set 9700

1990 - Technic Control Center, set 8094

1994 - Dacta Control Lab, set 9701